SPACE as a vessel, has been designed for the mission at hand, with a dedicated crew on board to service all aspects of its operations. Together, we explore new dimensions of inspiration and creativity. 




We have designed an interactive environment to foster and sustain creativity.

SPACE is composed of a variety of elements that shift in response to the mission of the people who come on board. Within the vessel, ideas are turned into physical products that can be sold in our storefront, gallery and online shop. SPACE allows for individuals and groups to work flexible hours alongside a team of highly skilled and human centered consultants. Visit, work, or play at SPACE, and no doubt you'll feel stimulated and inspired to create.


We listen to our community, and work to provide systems that support them.

The crew of SPACE and their extended network provide an array of specialized, value driven consulting services. Beyond the services of the crew a board, SPACE offers access to COHIP. A national coworking health care plan designed for freelancers, creatives, startups, small businesses and independent workers in any industry. We continue to grow our support system, internally and externally, and we learn by listening to you.


Our collective potential is unleashed when people connect and collaborate.

Vancouver's current cultural system is composed of numerous of isolated players trying to make a living on their own. As a result, they lack the expertise and resources to make their innovative ideas sustainable, and relevant to a wider society. We host events that remove barriers between people and their potential, making room for new connections and project opportunities. At SPACE, we believe that together we can activate the cultural and creative potential of Vancouver, through collaborative efforts.

Our approach to cultural innovation is inclusive, hands-on, and human centered .

At the core, all humans want to feel connected to a greater purpose, and channel their passions to create meaningful value. The crew at SPACE is led by strong core principles of human centered design, which ignite ideas that create cultural, social, environmental and economic impact. We’re awesome at making great things, and believe using our hands is key to learning about the materials and processes we work with. We encourage everyone in SPACE to get down and dirty.


Let's find them!

The organizational model of SPACE allows us to find creative solutions for a variety of different projects through a collaborative process. SPACE provides us with an interactive environment to meet face-to-face to discuss, understand your challenges, and explore the potential of your idea. The diversity of the crew within SPACE gives us a wide spectrum perspective, allowing us to collectively identify your specific needs, and deploy our process to find solutions.  



"...entrepreneurs and workers of various firms have to share a common location, foster frequent, informal encounters, and engage in pilot projects: in other words, they have to exploit the advantage of location in a novel way, one that leads to a new model of agglomeration."

Professor Pier Luigi Sacco - The Power of the Arts in Vancouver: Creating a Great City