Part of the CREATIVE MEDICINE SERIES created by Dr. Jessica Eastman, ND


OPTIMIZING CREATIVITY is an interactive workshop that presents information and research about the day-to-day obstacles to our creative process, how they arise, and how making healthier choices can reduce the likelihood of these obstacles occurring.

This workshop will teach you about the neuroscience of stress and creativity, and how to use our understanding of the nervous system to biohack your way to becoming more creative. 

Attendees will then learn how to optimize their creativity through plant-based medicine and a greater awareness of their health.

Jessica will highlight 15 common plants that can be used to assist you in reaching optimal creativity. These plants can be used to create your own custom creativity-optimizing blend, and each attendee will receive a creativiTEA blend to take home. 

We are working with Jessica to plan more events like this in the future so stay connected.








Jessica Eastman is a Naturopathic Doctor trained to work with patients of all ages, and with a wide range of health concerns. She is particularly interested in helping people who want to strengthen their brain and cognitive health (memory, focus, concentration, motivation), to have better and more consistent energy, to balance their hormones, improve their thyroid function and correct out of balance immune systems. Her background in Kinesiology also extends to an interest in improving physical performance and movement abilities, as well as treating pain, whether from injury or chronic illness.