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552+554 Clark Drive
Vancouver, BC V5L 3H7


Patrick Christie


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Human Collisions

are an everyday occurrence

Memberships include 24 Hour key access + use of shared spaces

+ hand tools + fun times + discounts from our neighbours 


Explorer Pass


2 month term minimum

shared space access

storage for small personal items, tools and basic supplies

Project Specialist 


4 month term minimum

35 sq ft of personal space

desk provided (optional)

Mission Specialist 


6 month term minimum

100 sq ft of team space

for teams



Satellite is a brand new 12-week offsite residency developed to support emerging artists and designers as they work to actualize projects post-graduation. The residency provides access to studio space, mentorship, peer support and funding toward the goal of applying projects to real-world contexts, including developing products or services; initiating events, programs, initiatives or festivals; or starting studios, collectives, agencies or non-profits. Satellite is part of the Shumka Centre for Creative Entrepreneurship, - a project of Living Labs at the Emily Carr University of Art and Design.

We are pleased to welcome the first cohort of recently graduated artists, designers and teams to pilot the Satellite residency. Between May 15 – July 30, 2019, the residents will work with Shumka Centre advisors, and membership at SPACE to take the next step in the development and launch of their ideas. 




The people at SPACE represent a diversity of disciplines, specialties and practices and we invite everyone to come play. 

Industrial Design, Bio-tech, Materials Science, Graphic Design, Storytelling, Videography, Investigative research, Event Design, Branding, Busking, Performance Design, Music Production, Sewing, Woodworking, Leadership Development, Photography, Fine Art, Alternative Economies, Large Scale Installations, Textile Design, Beading, Painting, Fabric Upcycling, Calligraphy, Spacial Design, Interaction Design, UX, Health and Wellness, Digital Media. 

This unique makeup of humans produces our culture of innovation. Our frequent collisions with each other generate new possibles for projects and allow for ideas to become realized.